Qatar launches Camel Ownership Transfer service

Qatar's Ministry of Municipality has just launched an online service that allows camel owners with officially registered camel chips to transfer ownership in minutes. E-chips are used as ownership registration documents, and they contain the camel's color, age, and surname.

As a result of the latest technology, camel chips can be circulated to users with ease, preventing grazing violations resulting from traditional trade transactions, authorities said. The ministry has now made it available via the ministry's website Aoun in a mobile application. The project is expected to make camel trade much easier and faster for owners around the country.

By clicking a button, traders can now transfer the camel's chip number to one another instead of visiting a government facility to do so. Microchips for camels include the camel's color, age, and name, similar to those used for house pets. In addition to providing details about where the camel owner can buy and sell their camels, e-chips also act as a type of ownership documentation.

Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Ziyara, Director of the Animal Wealth Department, explained that the service includes a camel's numbering form that matches its chip number. The transfer will not be allowed if there is an environmental violation, such as grazing.

In addition, the official noted that the ministry is not responsible for errors caused by incorrect entry of data or information regarding the camel ownership transfer service. Furthermore, it cannot be held liable for agreements between the two parties. Technical staff at the department in charge of information systems at the Ministry of Municipality developed the brand-new electronic service.

It is no surprise that camels have long played an extremely significant part in Qatar's culture. During ancient times, the majestic animals were used to travel long distances through the desert, allowing the Qataris to explore the peninsula and trade routes along the way. Even today, animals play an influential role in Qatari culture. There is a high rate of camel breeding in the region, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and many also use them for sports, such as camel racing.
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